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The company Corte Velada Investigação LDA was created in 2010 and specializes in research and development in the forestry sector, more specifically in the arbutus and other native species of the Algarve region. Its main mission is to respond to the need to boost the arbutus crop to production levels compatible with high levels of profitability.

The extensive experience of Corte Velada in the vegetative multiplication of arbutus by stakes allowed the creation of selected and improved clones of arbutus for use as ornamental plants and for the production of brandy, fresh fruit and dehydrated fruit. Making possible the standardization and massification of the production, guaranteeing the maximum uniformity of the plants and the derived products.

Importance of using cloned plants:

Cloning is a very old and much used process today. The process is based on the selection of individuals with extraordinary characteristics for the crop (for example plants that produce fruits of better quality and in greater quantity), after the selection of the individual, this one is cloned, giving identical copies and allowing the standardization of the production .

Advantage of using clones:

- Knowledge about plant behavior;
- Higher productivity per plant;
- Standardization of production;
- Greater resistance to water stress;
- Reduction of costs, eg. costs of harvesting the fruit.


Less ability to resist pests and diseases, if a plant is susceptible to disease, all clones of this plant will also be (to avoid this disadvantage it is advisable to use more than one type of clone).

News About Corte Velada:


Monte Ruivo, Caixa Postal 552X
8600-237 Odeáxere Lagos

+351 962 865 065 - Ricardo Pereira
+351 913 596 084 - André Cardoso
+351 965 140 707 - Nikolay Henriksen
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